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Ed Lantz

Elisabet writes: “Unless people see how assumptions define a science, Western science will continue to maintain its hegemony unless overthrown by a paradigm shift, and I’m not into that conquest model any more….especially as we so need the checks & balances there could be among sciences seeing each other as legit. I do not want to replace Western science with any other, as its assumptions have led it to technological applications I would not like to do without.  In other words, I no longer consider myself a paradigm shifter, but I am a strong parallel sciences advocate.”


Science in fact is already composed of many parallel disciplines, each with their own set of assumptions. One thing I learned recently (on this forum, in fact) is to be careful when generalizing about “science” and “scientists.” An environmentalist sees the world very differently than a physicist, for instance. I think there are many Western scientists who have already been “won over” to a more holistic worldview which seems to be emerging within many of the sciences.


As most of you know, there are age-old  introspective disciplines – perennial wisdom traditions – that have “known” or observed that the universe is alive for millennia. I see this as a perceptual capacity more than an intellectual belief in a set of assumptions or axioms. When a culture has opened this perceptual capacity, the concept of a living universe becomes woven into the fabric of popular worldviews and scientific pursuits that emerge from that culture.


As a shared cultural perception there is no reason to seek scientific validation for what is assumed by a culture to be patently obvious. At the same time, those who do not share the perception see it as a (perhaps mistaken) assumption. As Elisabet pointed out, substantiation of the perception of a living universe is extremely difficult. We agree that apples are red because were taught what the color red is and have shared perceptual access to the apple. However if we had to prove that an apple is red to one who had no concept of the color red or had no concept of an apple we would be hard pressed to do so. Likewise, one who has never experienced a living universe themselves, or who was not raised with this cultural framework, is going to be slow to accept any sort of logical proof. The only real proof we have at this time is found through the experience itself.


This is what led me to the art and science of delivering powerful immersive media experiences – I wanted to induce and share ineffable experiences directly rather than talk about them.