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Kyle Herman


Thank you for sharing such a thorough explication of each plane of development, how one builds on the other, and how an understanding of evolution in a Montessori environment seems quite natural rather than bizarre or foreign.  

I really like the idea of the child in 3-6 first experiencing the planet through the sandpaper globe of land and water alone.  How powerful that the first impression of the planet is purely physical and not from an anthropocentric perspective!  

You mention “quiet times” for adolescents, and I’m wondering if you can elaborate on what this looks like in your experience.  How do you present the concept to them?  Does everyone have quiet time together, or is it a personal decision rather than a collective activity?  What conditions and methods have worked best to support this process?

I am curious because our program has struggled to find a way to make this important reflection time feel autonomous rather than mandated, genuine rather than artificial.  At this point, we have abandoned whole group activities and have a space in our commons reserved for independent, quiet reflection.  Teens can use this space at any point during the day that they have open work time.  It has worked well so far, but it seems to me that everyone should practice going inward, being still in both mind and body, but the people who need to practice it the most don’t choose to do it on their own.  I find this conundrum to be quite perplexing, so any insight you could offer would be much appreciated.