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Karen Chaffee

There is a lot to read here, and I am a little behind!  I do have a couple of questions, and if these have been addressed and I missed them, please forgive me.


Elisabet Sahtouris, hi, I am very much trying to wrap my mind around your science.  I see you got as far as tenet  5.  Can you list a few more?  (or, all??)  Or is there a place elsewhere to read them? 


Ed, you may have explained this, but is there a way to experience the material you put in your domes without traveling to one, which is not going to happen for me in the next week, with finals, etc, etc


I was interested in the definition doc, but didn’t see how to join the group, and that might be because I am not a contributor (for me all I see when I try to select ‘docs’ is, ‘you must a contributor to join this group’,  HOWEVER, if everyone is also faithfully posting their definitions here too, it isn’t needed for me to go there.


I am probably going to come on and quibble with a few definitions and assumptions, but it’s better if I read them in the correct document before I do!