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Ursula –


   Thanks for yet again greatly helping our discussion by clarifying the points being made.  


I’ve often wondered how to best explain to people how attractive and deadening the idea of dualism is.  It pervades our culture and stifles so much inquiry that it literally can’t be estimated.  I thought of a story, where a supporter of dualism (nearly all the people we meet and talk with support dualism, after all), describes how a “car” is both the mechanical, dead machinery, and it also inhabited by a spiritual essence of motion, which allows it to drive around.  These two aspects are separate, and can thus be separated.  The dualist then explains that upon dismantling, the spiritual essence of the car is liberated from the pistons and gears of the dead car machinery, and is able to inhabit something else.  To demonstrate this, the car is dismantled, and the spiritual essence of motion is transferred to a gallon jug of milk, which then begins to cruise down the freeway (after a person sits on it and turns the cap – and the person is carried along).  Now that we understand how a car moves (due to the spiritual essence of motion), there is no need to waste time with the science of understanding how an internal combustion engine works.  


But, on looking at the story, I can’t help but think that a better illustration of dualism is possible.  


David – thanks also for your clear post.  That’s helpful as well.  

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