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Ed Lantz

Ursula: “The fine-tuning trope carries the implication of there being a fine tuner. I for one prefer the concept that in at least one universe of the multiverse, the fundamental constants happened to be such that stable matter could exist and complexify, and in at least one patch of that universe, conditions were such that stable carbon-based molecules went on to give rise to what we call life.”


Scientists have rightly avoided the assumption of a Biblical/traditional God or gods in their study of our origins. What seems to be emerging, however, is the notion that there might be some intelligence “built into” the universe itself. This actually should not be a stretch, as we ourselves emerged from the universe – why would the universe itself not be capable of inherent intelligence? It is a fascinating line of thinking, but a challenging one for many scientists.


The classic scientific creation narrative that the universe emerged as dumb/lifeless matter and that humans are the result of random chance is getting harder and harder to justify. The multi universe narrative provides a way out by saying there are an infinite number of universes – most of them are trivial and are without life – and we just happen to be in one of the successful ones. Personally, I am getting the feeling that our explanations are becoming more and more fanciful as we cling to the “dumb/random chance universe” narrative in an attempt to avoid “God-like” or “creator” explanations.


I like the quantum consciousness narrative because it allows the possibility of intelligence as a fundamental property of the universe, operating within the sub-quantum informational domain. Unlike God explanations (and dumb/random universe explanations), it is ultimately testable, too. 


Without solid theories with predictive power, all of this thinking is little more than narrative. This is where scientists take on the role of storytellers (whether they know it or not) and propagate a particular worldview.  When you come down to it, however, the classic dumb/random universe narrative has no more evidence supporting it than the quantum consciousness narrative… Time will tell.  This is fascinating stuff!