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Duane Elgin

I wrote in an earlier posting how there is more genetic information in a grain of rice than there is in a human being. Synchronistically, I’ve just returned from a conference in Japan where I met Prof. Kazuo Murakami, described as “one of the top geneticists in the world.” He played a significant role in the decoding of the genome for rice and was astonished at the information contained in its genetic code. He wrote this is “the equivalent of a vast library of information packed into a site that measures one five-hundred-thousandth of a millimeter across and weighs a two-hundred-billionth of a gram. This is a superhuman feat. It is in the world of the divine.” He continued by writing, “I have come to think that there are two Natures: one that is visible to the naked eye, and the other that is not . . . and whatever packed such a mass of code into that tiny space and makes it function is unseen. In this modern age, we perhaps tend to undervalue that which we cannot see.”  Prof. Murakami further writes, there is “something great” going on in the unseen realms. It seems to me we are beginning to awaken our appreciation of the unseen realms in discovering, for example, that 95 percent of the known universe is invisible. 


Prof. Murakami also wrote that “The probability of living cell having come into existence by chance is so slender as to constitute a miracle: the odds would be something on the order of winning a million dollars in a lottery a million times in a row.”