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Ed Lantz

Ursula: “As per several comments above, the operant feature of origin-of-life scenarios is selection, not chance, working over hundreds of millions of years and presumably generating early entities that were far less complex than modern organisms.”


Nice theory, Ursula. It’s what they taught me in school. But to promote such a story as fact is making a huge leap of faith, and falls into the realm of scientism.


Duane: “Dr. Murakami argues that a positive outlook can turn on the genes that are necessary to bring happiness and success into anyone’s life and turn off the bad genes. He calls this process “genetic thinking”—a science-based approach to controlling the genes by cultivating enthusiasm and inspiration.”


Ursula: “This isn’t exactly mainstream.”


Well if it isn’t mainstream now it soon will be thanks to numerous experiments in epigenetics that are proving our decades of believing that we are stuck with the genes that we are dealt with is flat out wrong… another faith-based belief promoted as factual. Scientism at it’s best. It just goes to show you that we need to be very careful about our underlying assumptions.


Here are some “mainstream” books and articles showing that meditation, Qigong, exercise and positive thinking can alter gene expression:

Genie in your Genes