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Duane Elgin

Regarding Murakami credentials as a scientist: He was appointed as a professor at the Tsukuba University, one of the leading universities in Japan. He founded the Institute for the Study of the Mind-Gene Relationship . He is now Professor Emeritus of the University of Tsukuba. Among his greatest scientific success was the genetic decoding of renin , a key enzyme for the cause of hypertension.  In 1990, he received the Max Planck Research Award in the Department of Biological Sciences and in 1996 Japan Academy Prize. So he seems like a legitimate “scientist” to me. So, I take him seriously when he writes that the genetic instructions in rice is “the equivalent of a vast library of information packed into a site that measures one five-hundred-thousandth of a millimeter across and weighs a two-hundred-billionth of a gram. This is a superhuman feat.” Nature, more generally, does express a stunning  design intelligence and craftsmanship that we are only beginning to appreciate. This is seen; for example, the exploding field of “biomimicry.” It seems very improbable that inert matter can generate such exquisite designs within the time frame of our universe. From whatever source (I like Ed’s description of the “quantum field”), nature exhibits intelligent operations.