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Ursula Goodenough

Duane — Dr. Murakami is for sure a legitimate scientist — I wasn’t comfortable with “one of the top geneticists in the world” from his publisher. My publisher blurbs me as “one of America’s leading cell biologists,” which is also incorrect.



His description of the genome’s minute size and extraordinary complexity is totally correct. 


Where we seem to be stuck here — and I for one am becoming pretty weary of this impasse — is that some of us attribute life’s complexity to phenomena that we have some science-based understandings of, like (bio)chemistry, thermodynamics, replication, mutation, and selection, and others of us, to quote your last post,  invoke nature’s “design intelligence”and “craftsmanship” and “quantum field.” Ed indicates that some of his ideas could be subjected to empirical tests but that the scientific establishment is too biased to fund such inquiries. I would be interested in what such a grant application would look like. 


The home page of DJN: “The Deep Time Journey Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the US, is a global community of individuals and organizations exploring a science-based grand narrative and its implications.”


The science-based grand narrative has lots and lots of stuff in it. When a new science-based understanding comes on line, that gets added to the stuff one works with. My understanding of the project is to work with/explore all  of this stuff and not cherry-pick features of it that seem to relate to or support one’s interpretive framework. The challenge and, I would say, the thrill is to figure out the implications of the whole narrative and not slices thereof — particularly slices where the scientific consensus is weak-to-non-existent — that one prefers.