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Ursula Goodenough

Duane — well, I offered a definition of life a few screens ago. Of course you might not agree with it, in which case it could be said to already fail as a common definition, but I predict that most students of biology would agree with it. 


But there’s something else afoot here, that Jon and Davidson have at various times pointed out as well, namely a god-of-the-gaps approach. Now I realize that you and others aren’t using the god word, but what I sense you are doing is looking at our understandings, identifying what is as yet (very) incompletely understood, and building your cosmology/views/whatever on those “gaps.” I and others are looking at our understandings, identifying those that offer a coherent picture of the natural world, and building our cosmology/views/whatever on those understandings. 


So why would one person adopt the former approach and another person adopt the latter approach?