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Duane Elgin



I am confused by what is meant by a “god-of-the-gaps” approach. If, for example, 95% of the known universe is invisible, does this constitute one of the “gaps” to which you refer? Or, if you view “consciousness” as only a by-product of biochemistry in a neural system and I see it as a part of the ecology of the universe (based on three years of double-blind experiments, etc. to which I referred earlier), is this also one of the “gaps”? Or is the improbability of cellular life coming into existence by chance alone one of the “gaps” (e.g., to repeat Prof. Murakami, “the odds would be something on the order of winning a million dollars in a lottery a million times in a row”). As I have written, I view all paradigms as “provisional” and evolving as our understanding of the universe develops. It is now evident that there is a lot going on that has been overlooked by the paradigm of “materialism.” So I see this as an exciting time of discovery–and I am opting for an approach to discovery that extends beyond materialism alone.