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Philip Snow Gang

To explore this  begs the question: What is autopoiesis? The word itself was coined by Francesco Varela and Humberto Maturana in their exploration of “What is life? In autopoietic processes, entities are continually self -making, both self-contained and in relationship (coupled) to their environment. There is a network of processes in which the function of each component is to participate in the production or transformation of all components. In this way, the entire network continually “makes itself” while simultaneously bringing forth a world.


Is this true for the universe as a whole?


According to Fritjof Capra in the Systems View of Life, “The double role of living systems as parts and wholes requires the interplay of two opposite tendencies: an integrative tendency to function as part of a larger whole, and a self-assertive, or self-organizing tendency to preserve individual autonomy” (p. 65).


In what ways might cosmic events participate in this dynamic?