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Duane Elgin

Hi Karen,

I’d like to clear up what seems to be a misunderstanding. Earlier you wrote that I “believe that some special guidance is needed to form anything we see (life, trees, bugs, us) from the materials we have (carbon, other atoms, sunshine).” I do not believe that “special guidance” is required from some external (supernatural?) force. Rather, I was referring to the “self-organizing” capacity of natural systems. To me this implies there is some level of consciousness (or “knowing capacity”) that is fitting to the form and function of the system. In other words, I’m suggesting that self-organizing systems have an internal guidance process enabling them to cohere and persist as a dynamic system. Importantly, I am not suggesting that trees and bugs, etc., have the same consciousness as a human being but I am suggesting there is a “knowing process” at work that fits the form and function of these living systems enabling them to “self-organize.” Is this congruent with your views?