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Jennifer Morgan

Duane: Have you defined the word “consciousness” in this discussion as you are using it with respect to the universe? How are you distinguishing human consciousness from universe consciousness? I hear that you are making a distinction but I’m not sure how you’re making the distinction. It might be better to use a different word since it’s confusing and almost immediately evokes resistance for all the reasons we’ve seen in this discussion. [Physicist Freeman Dyson told me he uses the term “World Mind” but immediately said that he was not an expert in this. He said that religious have access to World Mind, not him. But he believes it exists.]


Phil: Thanks for posting the Varela and Maturana definition of autopoesis. Duane, is there something beyond this idea that you’re pointing to with the word “consciousness”? Sounds like there is.


Ursula: Your paper, “The Sacred Emergence of Nature” is outstanding . . . covering, among other things: Reduction and Emergence; The Emergent Human; What is Meant by Religious?; Interpretive Responses, Spiritual Responses, Moral Responses. PLEASE post it in the resource section. I will highlight in a News Feed. This is a must read for everyone in this conversation! Here’s the link:


Karen, I need to read more closely what you’ve written about the characteristics of electrons set down at the beginning. Sounds crucial to everything.


My apologies for not participating more in this remarkable conversation. Been tough with programs . . . most recently a performance here in Princeton with world renowned musician Andor Carius. What fun to work with a musician of his caliber! It was a packed house with all ages!