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Ed Lantz

Karen:  “Like Ursula, I feel that life evolved all on its own…Evolution, for me, is a given, requires no mystical explanation, and I am somewhat shocked we are debating it.”

Jon: “Karen, I have the same view as you and Ursula – I don’t see any evidence for, nor need for, some external guidance.”


Who is resorting to mysticism or external guidance? All of my notions about the universe and consciousness are built on known informational properties of sub-atomic physics. I would see what you are calling “guidance” as an emergent property of matter itself, an effect that our current stochastic models are incapable of detecting. The hypothesis remains a conjecture only because we do not yet have the imaging tools needed to test it. 


Jon: “…because the physics of why carbon (or any other atom) has the exact properties it does are so beyond my physics knowledge, I know that it’s pointless for me to argue the point – especially if I take a position that isn’t supported by a scientific consensus.”


“Scientific consensus” is not a priesthood. It’s ok to step outside of prescribed worldviews and try on alternate perspectives. Scientific breakthroughs often involve independent thinking (not following the herd). It does of course take a lot of evidence to sway mainstream consensus, and there is a good chance that mainstream consensus is right in any case. But not always…