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Ed Lantz

Duane: “I recently discovered a wonderful dialogue underway that I highly recommend as it is so relevant to the conversation here:  

Sheldrake-Shermer Dialogue on the Nature of Science, May thru July



Great conversation!  I will read through it all.  


Rupert Sheldrake has been a target of fundamentalist skeptics for years.  I have found this odd because, as far as I can tell, his methods are more true to the scientific method than most other “fringe” theorists. He puts forth testable hypotheses, designs experiments and challenges others to replicate them. And he rightly challenges fundamental assumptions of science.  The skeptical objections to Sheldrake seem to stem from the questions that he is raising. It is as if we are not supposed to ask certain questions. Taboos and status quo enforcement have no place in real science… Ask the questions, do the experiments and let the facts speak for themselves…