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Angela Manno

As I’ve been reading the document, I keep thinking about Thomas and Ewert Cousins, how they would feel so pleased, how they are smiling now. The language in the encyclical — The Technocratic Paradigm is the Technozoic Vision to me; the reference to Teilhard (pg 61), the beautiful way he talks about affection for the family of living things (Earth Community), how he repeated EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED so many times (has anyone counted?) — made me feel so at home, that Thomas’ work was heard.  When he mentions God as Father, I tried to think about that — a Father requires a Female counterpart to generate, but since the world is created from nothing, perhaps it’s just as appropriate as saying the Theotokos (Mother of God) is a Virgin. The fact that he brings in human life and its dignity as part of his Integral Ecology — and his critique of the economic system — is so enveloping. I would like to use this as part of my slide presentation, “Picturing the Ecological Age.” The quotes about the intrinsic value of other creatures and that if they go extinct, they will no longer be able to give glory to God really touched me. As part of my consulting work, I’m going to create a program for Catholic Schools where I will talk about the Encyclical and Thomas Berry’s work and facilitate imagining and implementing solutions for their homes, school, community.

An artist colleague was doing an installation this weekend challenging eminent domain with the Visual Artist Rights Act by creating an art piece on the land that would be taken over to put in a gas pipeline right near Indian Point nuclear facility. What came to mind is, “It’s God’s art.” And lo and behold, there was the phrase, “Nature is nothing other than a kind of art, namely God’s art. . . .”

I’m so excited about this document. This Pope has a greater platform than any other human being and I believe we could be at the threshold of a new direction for humanity, what we all have envisioned for so long. I’m so glad to have a chance to participate in the Great Work with this new document as an aid.

It is stated somewhere that “we are not the Earth” — but that we derive our being from it (I’m paraphrasing)? Can anyone tell me where that is? This is different from humans are the Earth’s self-reflexive awareness. I’d like to hear a discussion about that!

I still have some pages of the Encyclical to go. I’m bringing it to the hospital now, as I have to go to urgent care (a precautionary measure). I’ll look forward to reading new and continued comments while I’m there.