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Duane Elgin

Ed: Yes, the Sheldrake-Shermer dialogue is a great inquiry! Also, I fully agree with your view, “Ask the questions, do the experiments and let the facts speak for themselves…”  In my three years of laboratory experiments at the think-tank, SRI International, the core question was whether consciousness is encapsulated within the brain or does it connect in meaningful and significant ways with the world beyond. I did not have a preconceived conclusion going into these experiments; rather, I was very curious to discover how the universe actually works. In numerous experiments, I had the opportunity to explore both the receptive and expressive potentials of consciousness (as I described in some detail in my posting of April 18, 2015 at 12:02 pm). The results of these experiments were non-trivial–for me they were robust validations of the existence of an ecology of consciousness and that we have a meaningful conscious connection with the larger universe beyond the brain. In my first-hand experience acquired over three years in numerous experimental settings, the facts speak for themselves–there is an ecology of consciousness in which we all participate.