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Jon Cleland Host

    Looking over those, I don’t see anything that changes my earlier statement – that the closer these possible effects are looked at, the smaller and more elusive they become – a hallmark of something that isn’t real.
     At the same time, I agree with you that we are unlikely to change each other’s minds, and it seems that in any case, our larger concern is helping others learn our deep time history – where we are in full agreement.  

Duane –
       I don’t see any way that the cell you mentioned is relevant to your point.  After all, a jet plane on autopilot has a much more sophisticated stimulus/response ability than that cell, which is simply chemistry.  If you consider that very limited stimulus/response ability in that cell to convince you that it is conscious, then you must conclude that the jet on autopilot is conscious – or explain why the same logic doesn’t apply to it.  And, as Lowell pointed out, even if we were to decide that a jet plane is conscious, it still provides no help to the idea that the universe is conscious.
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