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Ed Lantz

Exactly, Duane. These are not isolated cases. Anomalous informational “experiences” are a pervasive phenomena spanning from the dawn of history to the present scientific age. Well-meaning skeptics have attempted to suppress popular mystical “face-value” interpretations (i.e. telepathy is exactly as it seems, not a mere coincidence – a ghost really is the “spirit” of a departed soul, not a projection of my mind driven by emotion, etc). Skeptics see mystical interpretations as embarrassing superstitions of ignorant people. Much to their chagrin, their arguments have done little to change popular opinion.


These experiences and their common mystical interpretations persist, even among well educated people. That’s because the experiences are very, very real – even “hyper-real” – to the point of being un-deniable for the individual who experiences it. Only a very strong-willed skeptic can brush off a mystical/anomalous experience as hallucination or coincidence – presumably because they “know” it to be “impossible.”


What we are learning about quantum information suggests that there are indeed nonlocal informational/computational channels in the universe. In other words, anomalous informational phenomena can no longer be said to be impossible or implausible according to the known laws of physics. Firm proof that quantum information is exploited by biological systems has not been demonstrated, and the underlying mechanisms for how biological “intelligence” might access such information and computational capacity are not known or understood, but theories abound. See, for instance: http://www.worldscientific.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1142/S0219635214400093


The scientific “party line” is that the universe is “dead” and all matter/spacetime is governed by well-known deterministic (or random quantum) physical laws that do not allow for any sort of underlying bias, intelligence, or anomalous informational influences. If course, as Ursula and others have pointed out, this worldview still has much room for cosmic wonder at the complex systems that emerge from these simple physical laws. The universe is utterly amazing! And it is true – these “intelligent universe”  or “conscious universe” theories, while there may be some circumstantial support for them, remain unsubstantiated and cannot be put forth as anything more than possibilities, theories or working hypotheses.


However, those of us pushing the envelope of human knowledge, sticking our necks out and putting our careers at risk, ought to be respected and honored, not ridiculed. This is serious work, and it could radically change how we see the universe, ourselves and our measure of human potential. I thank everyone on this list for indulging in intelligent conversation on this topic without resorting to blanket dismissals or name-calling, and I hope you will also defend others who are doing this important work when they are attacked, even though you may not agree with their chosen area of study.


Thank you everyone for this healthy and productive debate!