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Ed Lantz



I agree with your assessment of personal versus empirical “truth.” That was a very poignant story illustrating your point.


I would add that there are types of mental phenomena that _can_ be evaluated objectively and shared. Mathematics and logic are purely mental exercises, for instance. Because we have developed a shared language, shared axioms and proofs, we are able to creatively innovate new mathematical or logical structures in our minds and share them with others for validation or refutation. 


Other cultures have very different – yet equally comprehensive and self-consistent – worldviews with specialized languages for expressing those worldviews. The writings of the Vedas in the “sacred” language of Sanskrit is all about the cosmic experience of mind, the universe and everything. The Vedas talk about 52 “flavors” of mind. This is clearly the work of people who have taken the time to observe, record and analyze subjective mental phenomena. There are Vedantic schools that teach this thinking. It is a self-consistent worldview that involves shared mental practices and a shared language to discuss what is discovered. Our modern science is a long way from tackling subjective phenomena in this way.


So I would postulate that when we shy away from mental phenomena such as OBE’s, NDE’s, lucid dreams, mystical experiences and more, it is not really because these are unverifiable by science. It is because we are uncomfortable sharing experiences for which we have not developed a logical framework, shared worldview and language around. Cultures that have that shared framework for these phenomena have no problem sharing their experiences and think of them as everyday occurrences. To them, we are the little girl who is oblivious – oblivious to the real world of mind…