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Duane Elgin



I appreciate the wisdom in the sequence you propose for inquiry into understanding seemingly anomalous phenomena.  


In stepping back and looking at the larger discussion in the 300+ postings, it seems to me that we often are having an “apples and oranges” dialogue that is confusing two, different modes of “knowing.”  


One mode is “rational knowing” that is brain-based and encapsulated within the biological brain which, in turn, gives access to the 5% of the known universe that is physically tangible and knowable to the physical senses.  


A second mode is “direct knowing” that goes beyond the five, physical senses as intuitive perception or direct awareness. From this perspective, intuition can reach beyond the biological body and physical reality (the 5% that is visible and tangible) and into the 95% or more that is invisible and not accessible to the physical senses.  


If our discussion is restricted solely to brain-based, sensory modes of knowing, then intuitive functioning literally makes no sense (as physical sense-making is brain based).  


Sometimes there seems to be a tendency to dismiss direct or intuitive knowing and, to me, this represents a refusal to consider a vital realm of knowing that is only beginning to be explored by “modern” societies. Then, the sequence Ed proposes (for inquiry into understanding seemingly anomalous phenomena) becomes extremely useful.