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Duane Elgin

James–   I have another issue I’d like to raise concerning the importance of a “definition of terms” that you refer to in your last posting. You write that:  

“Living has specific criteria. The Universe does not meet those criteria. The rest is woo-woo, not science.”  

This provocative comment motivated me to look up the definition of the term “woo-woo” in the Skeptics Dictionary:  

When used by skeptics, woo-woo is a derogatory and dismissive term used to refer to beliefs one considers nonsense or to a person who holds such beliefs.. . . . mostly the term is used for its emotive content and is an emotive synonym for such terms as nonsense, irrational, nutter, nut, or crazy.


Is this in accord with your definition of the term “woo-woo”? More specifically, is it fair to conclude that  you regard someone who does not agree with your “specific criteria” for life as “nonsensical, irrational, nuts, and crazy”?  Or am I significantly misunderstanding what you mean by this derogatory phrase?