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Laura Hawkins


This sounds like a wonderfully creative program. Last year I wanted to introduce a group of children at a Quaker Meeting/school to Creation stories. However, I didn’t start by telling them stories because I had a hunch that they would create their own story that would have elements similar to ones they would be hearing.

They came into a room where a long blank scroll was laid across 2 tables and several baskets of crayons. To warm them up to what they would be drawing on the table I asked them to give examples of human-made creations. Then, where did the materials humans use for their creations come from? And then, what do those examples need to be alive and stay alive (one child actually said love!), or how did they come to exist? (we used their examples). If you were to create a planet earth, I asked, what would you need to create so that life could be there day by day and night by night? Draw or write your ideas on the scroll.

This may not be the best way to ask the questions, but as suspected, these children pretty much came up with a Creation story similar to the one in Genesis. They created light, air, stars, oceans, water, etc. If a child drew a bird, for example, I asked what the bird needed to live, and on and on. The huge advantage to this approach showed up when they were asked if they would like to hear a story how life was created and if it was similar to theirs. They were very interested and engaged to see if it was as good as their own.

Now that I’m learning more from DTJN I would ask the next BIG question. And where did the stars come from and what does the crayon in your hand have to do with them? Would you like to hear a story about that? A year from now I may have better questions!

I would be very interested to know if your children would also write/draw a Creation story similar to the one in Genesis if they were asked to create the basic needs for life on their planet. I’m wondering what prompts they would need to draw stories from different cultures. Interesting that they created the one from Genesis.