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Dr. Rich Blundell

Hi All,

Superb work  here Jennifer! Thank you for starting the thread.

I am much looking forward to participating more deeply in this conversation and the continuing development of these principles. Indeed, the subject of my on-going doctoral research is all about how Big History works as transformative learning at the tertiary level. Over the past few years I have been researching the question of the elements of transformation empirically and phenomenologically.  I am still in the write up of these researches but can already see a lot of wisdom in the principles as described above.

One concept that I would like to see added is reflexivity. That is, the realization of one’s active, two-way, participation in systems across scales. This is, of course, akin to the idea of ecological-identity or systems-thinking, which I think would either help develop principle 7 “Framework and Continuum” or even constitute its own principle. Reflexivity is not just a research term or a social science concept. Considered fractally, it applies across all scales – form the micro to the macro.

This is just one a nine “elements of transformation” that I have identified empirically in university students who participated in 13-weeks of college level Big History. Will look forward to exploring this in more detail asap!