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…we have a hard time unblurring the line between certainty and truth, and the best method we have today for establishing fact/truth is the scientific method (when it’s followed). It’s advantage is that you don’t have to believe it to see that it’s true.


I entirely agree! Science (when practiced well) gets us to reality; mythology (when practiced well) gets us to beliefs that strike our fancy. (Well, I imagine you wouldn’t put it so crassly, but I think the essence is there.)


I’m curious, though, what you do when teaching — that is, when leading students through the big questions? 


I’ve recently been going back and forth with a self-described activist atheist friend who would be horror-struck to put his son in a school (like the ones I’m helping launch) that don’t tell students, up front, which stories are objectively true and which aren’t. I’d be curious to know whether you’d agree with him, or not.


(Anyhoo, I’m cross-posting, now — I just started up another thread that lays out my own current thinking on this — ah, my e-mail has just informed me you just posted a reply to that! How embarrassing of me. I’ll hit “submit”, if only because I think it charming to embrace such small embarrassments publicly!)