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Terri MacKenzie

Here is another proof of your inspired leadership, Jennifer! I love the principles and the efforts being made by so many to gather and formulate them! I have also been inspired by points made in each of the comments so far. Thanks to everyone! We all benefit!


Concerning religious education, placing the beginnings and development of each in an evolutionary context is so important and so often neglected. Speaking from my own RC experience, almost always we start with Genesis rather than placing Genesis where it belongs in the big story. No wonder people get disenchanted. Awe and wonder, of course, are the basics for religion and what more awesome that this story?


Realizing how we all began and are evolving together is a solid basis for anything concerned with action for peace, justice, and overall care of our common home. As Pope Francis says in Laudato Si’: “It cannot be emphasized enough how everything is interconnected. Time and space are not independent of one another, and not even atoms or subatomic particles can be considered in isolation.” (par. 138) I, too, like the way the principles develop and also how they weave in and out of each other: truly interconnected in themselves.


Given my experience helping teachers and parents, I am convinced that no matter how excellent a set of principles, they need individuals who are committed to them. And the reverse: those who are committed will be overflowing and find ways to integrate the principles into everything they do. Thus the importance of the work being done to help teachers and parents understand and fall in love with this transformation in consciousness. 


Also the importance of our artists. Leonard Shlain’s Art and Physics presents the hypothesis that artists throughout the world are the first to “get” something new, and that scientists come next and eventually everyone.