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Angela Manno

Hi Duane,

One “rational” means tribal people (American Indians to be precise) use in their discernment process is to consider the effect an action will have on the next seven generations. We need both intuition and reason! I think maybe one reason our intuition fails us is our alienation from nature. In the words of a Delaware Indian in the early nineteenth century:

“No one can have visions because the earth is no longer clean.”

“. . . [T]he sensitivity required to understand and respond to the psychic energies deep in the very structure of reality itself” may be contingent on our contact and intimacy with a pristine nature. I have been on a retreat in such an atmosphere for the past two weeks where I notice these “spontaneities” rising in myself, through dreams and all different forms of intuition,  where this “intimate presence” can be more easily felt.

A good thing to ponder in these post-Thanksgiving days, in honor of the people who developed and practiced those technologies that allowed them to live in harmony with the Living World.