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Jon Cleland Host

Duane, that document makes many of the same failures to distinguish methodological naturalism from epistomological naturalism, referring to unproven stories as evidence, and false claims that many of us here have pointed out earlier in this thread. Further, it seems to suggest that having a list of Ph.D. signatories at the end shows that it is correct. That’s, of course, another tactic of pseudoscience. In this case, 8 scientists is a pretty small number, compared to the over 8 *million* scientists alive today. It’s less than the equally irrelevant lists of creationist scientists. This link here has about 200 https://answersingenesis.org/creation-scientists/modern/ . Project Steve shows why these lists, whether 8 or hundreds, are irrelevant. http://ncse.com/taking-action/project-steve