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      <p class=””>Hello, all! First-time poster — though I’m excited to say that I already know a number of you personally, and a few others through your work! </p><p class=””>I’m developing a new model of K–12 social studies teaching, dubbed “Big Spiral History”. Though it’s mostly concerned with only the last three thousand years of human history (<em class=””>only!), it commences with an exploration of ultimate beginnings.</p><p class=””>We’re launching this curriculum at a school that a partner of mine has just opened: the Island Academy of Hilton Head, located off the coast of South Carolina. (Also, my wife is currently teaching the curriculum to our kindergarten-age son.)</p><p class=””>What does it look like, you ask? I’ll be putting up a “big picture” explanatory video shortly, but here’s the gist of the first few weeks.</p><p class=””>We’re starting with a handful of cultural accounts of creation (Norse, Ojibwe, Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, West African, Aboriginal, and Mayan), and then spending a week on the Big Bang account (reading Karen Fox’s <i class=””>Older than the Stars </i>and Jennifer’s <em class=””>Born with a Bang, <em class=””>From Lava to Life, and <em class=””>Mammals Who Morph — hat tip to Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd for pointing me to them!) </p><p class=””>Which is to say that right now, our school has a dozen kids (mixed ages) conducting a philosophical investigation into the power of cosmology and what constitutes good evidence for a claim. (With first through eighth graders! Teaching is fun.)</p><p class=””>I’d love to get all of our radically honest feedback on the idea. I’ve posted about the curriculum on the blog I run (schoolsforhumans.org, which is about our new kind of school — which have the goal of cultivating Renaissance people): the basic idea,  a four part series exploring its implications, and a taste of what it will look like for grade schoolers.</p><p class=””>But what I’d really love to know is: <strong class=””>what are your thoughts? Any suggestions for books or online resources we can use? What questions would you like me (and my friend Lee, who’s running the school) <strong class=””>to answer? (Amassing questions would be particularly helpful right now!) <strong class=””>Any tweaks you see? What potential difficulties do you think we’ll run into? Anyone (or any projects) you think we should connect with?</p><p class=””>I don’t typically bare my throat like this when talking about educational ideas, but this is a community I trust. Thank you all for the work you do!</p>

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