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      Jennifer Morgan

      Dear Kyle, Orla, Betsy, Michael, Sam, Terri and Imogene, and Everyone Else,
      I thought you might be interested in seeing this syllabus just added into the Resource Section.  In the last email that went our to the Network I quoted a student as saying that “My life was a waste before I took this class.”  The class she was referring to was taught by Tom Collins at The Lawrenceville School, a prep school in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.  Tom Collins sent me the syllabus and links to the syllabus for the class she was referring to are below.  It would be GREAT to hear what you all think about it, particularly you Kyle since you’re teaching at the high school level.   Please do ask others to join this conversation if you can think of others. 
      Senior Gateway Seminar: The Universe Story
      Current Reading and Study Plan for the Universe Story

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