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      Below is a link to a piece I wrote on Easter and Evolution. For those in the DTJN who are Christian, this issue is one that I believe demands attention if theology is to be relevant. Teilhard left behind such insight, and yet, almost 100 years later, the progress of the Church has been slow. There is, however, room for development. I’m trying to trace the outlines of what that might look like using current trends in Catholicism.


      Thanks for any feedback.

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      Karen Chaffee

      Hi, Jonathan. I read your thought-provoking article. I want to state upfront I don’t know as much as I should about theology, but I found this statement powerful and fascinating, and it makes me wish I knew more about what these men experienced, and if I have the opportunity, I will try to find out:
      ‘It is the same person, Jesus of Nazareth, who they believed had been raised to life but not to the same kind of life as before.’

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      Jennifer Morgan

      Dear Johnathan,

      Have you seen this Eucharistic Prayer of the Cosmos that Laura Craig just added. Click on the YouTube link to watch it. Could be wonderful for your classes:



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