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      Do you know of any nonprofits that would like to receive free copies of the first book to teach evolution to preschoolers?

      Last year I raised money on Kickstarter to self-publish Grandmother Fish, which is now at the printer. My generous backers even pitched in thousands of extra dollars so I could donate over 100 copies to nonprofits, especially programs that are educational or science-oriented. My preference is to find organizations that can take multiples so that shipping is cheaper and easier, but I’m sure I’ll be sending off some singletons, too. We worked with a variety of experts to get something that both appeals to children and is scientifically sound. We’ve received big endorsements from David Sloan Wilson, Steven Pinker and Daniel Dennett. I’ve already lined up Camp Quest for a major donation and I have a few other contacts as well. Do you know any organizations that would like copies of this book, especially by the dozen? I’m sure that the good people that Jennifer has assembled are well connected enough to point me in a promising direction or two.


      You can download a PDF with the final art here: http://bit.ly/fishdraft


      Please let me know.

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      Wishing you all the best with your book!


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      Thanks, Maximum Labs (or Anonymous). We’re starting to ship the first Kickstarter orders today.

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