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      Does anybody know of books or online resources that teach evolution to preschoolers or help teachers and parents do so? Jennifer’s “Universe Tells Our Story” book are for older children, as are all the other evolution books I can locate. Online resources are mostly for high school students and old grade schoolers. Understanding Evolution at Berkeley has a ton of material, but it starts at K-2. I’m self-publishing a book, called Grandmother Fish, that teaches evolution to preschoolers, but I want to be able to point parents to other resources, and I want to see how my book stacks up to what else is out there.

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      Jennifer Morgan

      Dear Johnathan,

      You’re right that most books about evolution are aimed at an audience 5 or 6 years old and older. But I think that the way you’ve written your book . . . it’s elegant simplicity and focus on movement . . . makes it very appropriate for your target age group. There are a number of Early Childhood Montessori teachers on the Network who would be the perfect people to ask. You can go through the profiles and ask them directly if they are Contributing Members.


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      Sam Guarnaccia

      Dear Johnathan,
      I just left a brief response on your ‘Draft’ page. I am going to forward Jennifer’s email to a dear friend in California, formerly the head of Early Childhood Education in CA, and a remarkable educator and human being. She will give us some wonderful feedback, and I will be happy to put you in direct touch, if you would like.
      All best,

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      Jennifer Morgan

      Thanks a LOT Sam!

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      Brad Stocker

      Take a look at The Everything Seed. It is in book and Power Point formats.

      And check out these titles.

      Born with a Bang

      All I See is Part of Me

      Dear Children of the Earth

      On the Day You Were Born

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