This paper talks about the different philosophical perspectives toward the potential of emerging a global identity, despite the problematic of the “self” needing an “other” to form an identity. It presents the new worldview of Big History as holding the possibility to solve many of the presented critiques & problems that humans faced in the past (& hence were not able to form a global identity/community so far), & helping to emerge this global identity in the future…

  • Used by people who call the work: Big History, Evolutionaries
  • Applies a deep time evolutionary perspective to: Government, Other (Political & Cultural Identity), Social Justice
  • Learning Stages: Lifelong
  • Type: Article
  • Keywords: Global Identity, Big History, Critical Realism, Post-Structuralism, Self-Other Relations
  • Why I love this Resource: Because it gives hope to the potential transformation that the future holds for creating a global identity/community & unconditioning ourselves from current self-other identifications, emerging by the effect of our new awareness of our Universe evolution story...
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  • Posted By: Noha Tarek
  • Date Added: September 5, 2017