The document is a brief description of:
Making school with Maria Montessori, a cosmic approach to education
A course for teams who want to develop their cosmic education.
Help me to do it myself, for the teacher, for the child.

Cosmic Education is an issue for many Montessori schools. Schools
seek ways to shape cosmic education. This leads to discussions
about: ‘what is cosmos?’ and the use of ‘regular methods’. But is it
all about that? What can we really learn from the cosmos?
How was Maria Montessori inspired by the cosmos? In essence, a
cosmic view is naturally present in her approach to children and
education. Maria Montessori said: “The laws of nature are order, so
if the order is spontaneous, we know the cosmic order has been
achieved.” (The Absorbent Mind, Maria Montessori).
In essence and from different angles serving the child, we are able
to achieve order in school, in education and the prepared
In line with Maria Montessori, we distinguish:
– a cosmic order,
– a social order,
– a biological order,
– a personal order.
Four different orders in relation to each other, constantly moving and
giving actuality. This dynamic relationship shows the challenge we
face in the school with Maria Montessori.