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Dancing Through the Darkness to the Ecozoic Era

with Carol Kilby, M.Div., D.Min., Author

5-wk Online Course; Tuesday evenings, 7 – 9 PM ET
Nov. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 (2022)

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Rituals are powerful. They are at our beginning and our end. Now evolutionary rituals are essential. They teach the stories that shape and preserve cultures. In recent history, both spiritual and national rituals told a hierarchical story of separation from nature. Observances, like Remembrance, Christmas, or New Years days, inadvertently contributed to colonialism, the Anthropocene, and the current climate crisis. Evolutionary rituals are essential in this axial moment.  

Carol Kilby, Evolutionary Dancer: Out, In, and On the Fringe of the Church


We’re in a moment in our understanding of the universe where the human imagination has to plumb its depths to bring forth new images, new poetry and new insights to describe reality.” 

Brian Swimme

Evolutionary Rituals are . . .

. . . a response to our times

This unprecedented planetary crisis is an evolutionary moment. Our holy and holiday practices too often feel detached and irrelevant.  Evolutionary rituals connect us to the peril and promise of our cosmic reality.

Image above: Aerial view of ecological disaster of fires in the Amazon, South America.


. . . emergent practices, rites, ceremonies, and rituals

Evolutionary rituals integrate the wisdom of the New Cosmology, ancient Creation Spirituality, and emergent Consciousness!



. . . dances

Evolutionary rituals that honor the vibrational nature of our quantum reality in which everything moves in a pattern of cataclysm and emergence, are better called dances. 


. . . new perspectives for transformation

Evolutionary rituals enable the Great Work, what Thomas Berry understood as “ensuring a just, beautiful, healthy, sustainable, life-giving world for future generations of all species.”



. . . vessels to the Ecozoic.

Evolutonary rituals are vessels of a new culture of human-earth mutuality. We must reframe or create never-before personal, family, community, seasonal, national, spiritual, and religious ceremonies!


. . . symbols and language for a new age

“We must ensure that the language we use, the rituals we celebrate and the symbols we employ keep pointing to the great living cathedral of Earth, sea, and sky.” 

— John Philip Newel

Madonna, painting by Mary Ann Maruska

“Learning to participate in ritual will awaken people to living more simply in a post-industrial, deeply ecological, and cosmologically aware world. … connect us to the Great work of the Universe…. This is the work of the people. Ritual actually makes a people happen. It is the ultimate folk art, in that it actually fashions a people.” 

Matthew Fox

Videos of Carol Kilby . . .

Evolutionary rituals help us experience four Deeptime Principles

  • Context: Evolutionary rituals connect us to a cosmogenetic universe.
  • Matrix: Evolutionary rituals give us a direct experience of radical relatedness in a participatory universe.
  • Subjectivity (self organization, interiority): Evolutionary rituals deepen our sense of subjectivity and transformation in a creative universe.
  • Action: Evolutioinary rituals help us to act whole heartedly within the whole. 
Deep Time Video Awards Butterfly, Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

  “We must ensure that the language we use, the rituals we celebrate and the symbols we employ keep pointing to the great living cathedral of Earth, sea, and sky.”  

John Philip Newell

Session Descriptions

Session 1 (Nov. 1), The Power of Ritual: Rituals are culture’s “cookie-cutters.” Explore the rituals that shaped us! Historically rituals created resonance, cultural and personal identity. Today ritual can aid our retraction from the very stories, values, and norms that have brought us to a planetary crisis and expand the story out of which we live, move, and have being. Experience the r’evolutionary ritual, the Dance of Immensity.

Session 2 (Nov. 8), Strands of Evolutionary Rituals: New rites and practices are gifts of the new story: we live in an emergent Universe. They are a dance of unique wisdom traditions: Science – the new Cosmology and Ecology, Creation Spirituality – inherent in all classical and indigenous religions, and Conscious Evolution – Universe is becoming consciousness of itself through us in these critical times.
Experience the Dance of Identity.

Session 3 (Nov. 15), New Symbols, Language, and Altars: Trapped in the language and imagery of a Newtonian worldview, we lack the words necessary to transition from a worldview of separation to one of interconnection. Bringing new images and vocabulary from cosmology, ecology, and the mystics to create wholistic personal and cultural altars and holidays is a form of environmental activism.  Experience the Evolutionary Ritual, the Dance of Radiance.

Session 4 (Nov. 22), Reframing Traditional Rituals: Traditional rituals have unexplored layers of meaning and potency and can be reframed inside a Deeptime Cosmic context to deliver fresh experiences that unleash energy and capacity for facing the crises of our day. Experience a Cosmic Communion and Cosmic Beatitudes.

Session 5 (Nov. 29), Creating Evolutionary Rituals: Never-before times call for never-before rituals. Remembrance Day for Lost Species was such a ritual. Following our allurements, which Brian Swimme believes is how we bind Universe together, we’ll identify where Evolutionary Rituals are called for. Doing so we will participate in the most ancient tradition of ceremony there is: creating rituals the land told us to do. Experience the Dance of Becoming.

Reading Materials:


Out, In, and on the

Fringe of the Church

by Carol Kilby

There will be suggested readings from this book, articles and Youtube videos assigned each week.

Learn and Share:

1) The Power of Ritual in our Lives

2) The Components of Evolutionary Rituals

3) How to Reclaim Traditional Forms



4) How to Create Unique Practices

5) Altars for Eco-activism

6) Rituals as Vessels of Conscious Evolution

You can:

  • get your questions answered by Rev. Dr. Kilby and interact with other participants between sessions in an online course discussion, and
  • watch recordings of sessions which will be posted in the course space for up to one year.

An Evolutionary Communion is an inspiring practice to help us all align with the greater possibilities of our own emergence by means of surrender to the larger collective imperative of evolution itself.  

— Barbara Marx Hubbard

 Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

Why is this course important?

This course is a response to the times. In this unprecedented planetary crisis — an evolutionary moment — our holy and holiday practices can feel detached and irrelevant; evolutionary rituals reconnect us to the intimacy, immensity, and generativity of our cosmic reality. This course helps us move beyond the paradigm of our personal, family, cultural, religious and national rituals. Evolutionary rituals ground us in the wisdom of Cosmos and Earth, giving us permission and inspiration to align with the evolution of consciousness, culture, and our species.

Are you . . .

  • Lamenting the planetary crisis?
  • Longing to be part of the healing? 
  • Commited to future beyond planetary abuse?
  • New or familiar with the deeptime universe story?
  • Searching for meaningful holidays?

. . . then this course is for you!


 Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

We feel so at home in the Deeptime Network courses.  This community is unique. 

— Elizabeth Carranza & John Leydon, Philippines

Who is this for?

  • Everyone who is moved by the planetary plight and longs to live with integrity as cosmic beings in an Earth-community.
  • Teachers who want to honour the fear, inspire the hope, fan the awe, and empower the creativity of the younger generations.
  • Spiritual/religious leaders who want to offer relevant gatherings, address the challenges of these times, and ground holy rites, practices, and sacraments in the current cosmic and ecological wisdom, evolving language, and emerging symbols.
  • Parents and grandparents who long to deepen the experience of daily, seasonal, and special holidays by reframing them inside the deeper stories, symbols, and teachings of Mother Earth and Grandmother Universe.
  • Artists/Poets/Dancers who experience their creativity as ritual and wish to serve as vessels of evolutionary consciousness in these times.
  • Eco-justice activists who practice and need ritual to sustain their passions and physical strength.
  • Scientists who wish to honour the sacred, spiritual, and scientific are one in a quantum universe and incorporate ritual into life and work.  
  • Healers and healing practitioners who want to augment healing power that comes from deep understanding. 
  • Politicians/Activists looking for a larger context and understanding to address the crises of today.
  • Mental Health Practioners who understand that our cosmologies and rituals give us meaning and purpose.  Dysfunctional cosmologies can be at the root of mental illness and addiction.
  • Everyone allured to be the Change, part of the Great Turning, Evolutionaries, and Earth advocates .
 Deeptime Leadership, Personal Empowerment Leadership, Climate change, Evolution Leadership, Big Bang Theory

About Carol Kilby, M.Div., D.Min., Author:

Carol Kilby is A member and presenter on the Deep Time Network, Kilby is author of Evolutionary Dancer, Out, In and On the Fringe of the Church. An ordained clergy in the United Church of Canada, she stepped out of the pulpit in 2005 to found the Gaia Centre for Eco-Spirituality and Sustainable Work where she hosted teachers of the emerging scientific and spiritual consciousness including Brian Swimme, Miriam MacGillis, Matthew Fox, Jennifer Morgan, Drew Dellinger, Barbara Marx Hubbard and more. A member of the Deeptime family and graduate of the Deep Time Leadership program, she is currently compiling her second book, Evolutionary Rituals – Because We Can’t Get There from Here!
Teaching Model: A personable and visionary zoom-leader, she uses a model of emergent leadership including images, movement, break-through groups, presentations, and MECs – pauses for evolutionary consciousness. Kilby’s aim – the participants’ fullest engagement. Passion for the Earth community, ritual, creativity, humour, and learning – Kilby brings all these to on-line meetings. And awe!  [email protected]                

Scientific thinking about the universe is not only socially valuable, it’s essential for our culture so we can come together on common ground on the problems we are currently facing as a species. 

Stephan Martin interviewing Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams,

View from the Center of the Universe


What people are saying about the Deeptime Network . . .

" It is so supportive to have a whole community, from around the world, working together to embody and live out a deep connection to the new cosmology in its ethical and spiritual dimensions. We are the Universe emerging. "
- M.J. Zimmerman

" After 20 years of living into the Universe Story, I was reawakened to how truly empowering it is through what is emerging for others on parallel paths from around the globe. "
— Penny Andrews

" If you're seeking a meaningful story that explains our place in our Universe and in Nature, and like-minded global citizens, this course may be your next step on that journey. " - David Morton Rintoul

" Everything I have known in life is being integrated into unifying perspectives and connectedness which come like seeds being nourished from a deep space of love, abundance, and creativity "
— Marides "Madett" Virola-Gardiola, Philippines

Deeptime courses are not just about learning new ideas, they are a way to commune together to help each other spiral upwards to new heights of wisdom and awakening. "
— Sarbmeet Kanwal

" I am co-creating a space for children older than 7 years old and this course has been granting me a deeper understanding of how I want to position myself and act in this space while deep listening to children. " — Joana Benetton, Brazil

" Being around so many talented and confident people has helped me with developing a children’s book for Montessori Sunday school. " — Nancee Cline

It is all and more than I expected – I am not new to the material though have certainly learned and gained new insights into the wonderful planet we call “home”. 

The assignments are doable, interesting, and inviting.  I am enjoying the course very much.

Am loving it. The small groups are wonderful. It is such a marvelous group of participants. The networking is fabulous.  Love the opening and thoughtful reflections.

I look forward to every session.

I had to miss two weeks and was aware there was something missing in my life, so I know I am finding it really useful and challenging.  Also good to make connections.

I am feeling inspired, energized, and more-connected-than ever!  I am also enjoying the arc of the course, the meditations, quote sharing, and especially the content. 

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