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Emerging Earth community.  emergingearthcommunity.org
Forum on Religion and Ecology fore.yale.edu
Journey of the Universe.  journeyoftheuniverse.org
Thomas Berry thomasberry.org
Teilhard de Chardin. teilharddechardun.org



Suggested Readings


To Develop the Human Potential, by Maria Montessori (1948)


Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom, by Michael and D’Neil Duffy (Originally released in 2002, Updated in 2013?)


Universe Story Trilogy (Targeted for children, Great for all Ages for learning the Story):


Born With a Bang by Jennifer Morgan, Illustrations by Dana Lynn Andersen  https://dtnetwork/resource/born-with-a-bang-the-universe-tells-our-cosmic-story-book-1/


From Lava to Life by Jennifer Morgan, Illustrations by Dana Lynn Andersenhttps://dtnetwork/resource/from-lava-to-life-the-universe-tells-our-earth-story-book-2-in-a-universe-story-trilogy/


Mammals Who Morph by Jennifer Morgan, Illustrations by Dana Lynn Andersen https://dtnetwork/resource/mammals-who-morph-the-universe-tells-our-evolution-story-book-3-in-a-universe-story-trilogy-2/



Journey of the Universe (Book) by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker  (2011)


Journey of the Universe (Movie), Narrated by Brian Swimme, Produced by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim (2011) https://dtnetwork/resource/journey-of-the-universe-movie/



Journey of the Universe (Conversations/Educational Series Overview) (2012)



The New Story (Landmark Essay by Thomas Berry, 1978)
The Dream of the Earth, by Thomas Berry (1988)
The Great Work: Our Way Into the Future (2000)
The Sacred Universe: Earth, Spirituality and Religion in the Twenty First Century, by Thomas Berry (2009)
The Great Story (Video, 2002)



The Universe is a Green Dragon: A Cosmic Creation Story, by Brian Swimme (1984)

The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era–A Celebration of the Unfolding Cosmos, by Thomas Berry and Brian Swimme  (1994)

The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story, by Brian Swimme (1999)



Epic of Evolution, by Eric Chaisson (2007)




The Gaia Hypothesis, by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis



Big History: Between Nothing and Everything, by David Christian, Cynthia Stokes Brown, and Craig Benjamin (2014)
Big History: From the Big Bang to the Present, by Cynthia Stokes Brown (2007)
Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History, by David Christian (2011)
This Fleeting World: A Short History of Humanity








Suggested Readings

Ecozoic Era

Ecozoic Era

Thomas Berry talks about the need to turn from an anthropocentric perspective to a biocentric and ecocentric focus.

read more
A Closer Look with 360º vision

A Closer Look with 360º vision

View a range of everyday images from a 360 degree perspective.  See new ways of combining them to help you question how a landscape can be transformed, a bowl of fruit can be seen from micro and macro perspective and more.   This two and a half minutes will give you...

read more
The Pandemic, A Classroom for Climate Change

The Pandemic, A Classroom for Climate Change

This article demonstrates how the CORONAVIRUS  pandemic can prepare us to deal with climate change. After discussing the similarities and differences between the two realities it suggests the need for a different way of viewing and relating to the living Earth. *

read more
A Feeling For The Organism.

A Feeling For The Organism.

This article indicates that we are living in a world dominated by men, especially at the political level. But it notes that more and more women are taking lead roles in many areas.  Because of their personal experience they seem to ave a different way of seeing the...

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The Chrysalis Model-From thinking to Acting

The Chrysalis Model-From thinking to Acting

We are in the midst of the Corona pandemic. We are waiting for things to return to normal. But the current "normal ' is what is  causing the problems. The pandemic is the portal to a climate changing world. We need a new normal.  This article suggests we adopt the...

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On a journey to a Climate Change Culture.

On a journey to a Climate Change Culture.

In a previous chronicle I noted the need for a Climate Change Culture.  In this chronicle I explain how we might go about developing one. It  discusses the obstacles on the journey, how to get involved, moving into action by joining a community group and the need to...

read more

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