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This month we are featuring emergence — a creative, epochal, and self-assembling power of the universe.

It’s incredible.  We live in a universe that creates new forms of being as it unfolds in time.  Yet, the emergence of new ways of being is coupled with challenge.  The universe must navigate difficult thresholds to cross into new domains.

It may be that we are navigating a threshold between epochs at this very moment.  It’s hard to say for certain, but we do know we are in the midst of transformation.  Something new will emerge as a result of the radical change we are currently experiencing.

To gain a deeper understanding of the nature of emergence, listen to this month’s podcast from Brian Thomas Swimme’s Powers of the Universe series.  In this feature, Brian highlights two examples of emergence in the universe: the creation of carbon and the birth of planet Earth.

With these examples in mind, we can come to know our universe as one that evolves, often catalyzed by chaos and disruption, into ever deepening dimensions.

Gain an intimate understanding of the dynamics of emergence by exploring the creation of carbon and the birth of planet Earth.  Then, hear how Brian envisions that these dynamics are present in the form of the human.  Listen here.

The Worldview of Thomas Berry: The Flourishing of the Earth Community

Created by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, Yale University

Thomas Berry (1914-2009) was a historian of world religions and an early voice awakening moral sensibilities to the environmental crisis. He is known for articulating a “new story” of the universe that explores the implications of the evolutionary sciences and cultural traditions for creating a flourishing future.

This course investigates Berry’s life and thought in relation to the Journey of the Universe project. It draws on his books, articles, and recorded lectures to examine such ideas as: the New Story, the Great Work, and the emerging Ecozoic era. The course explores Berry’s insights into cosmology as a context for locating the human in a dynamic unfolding universe and thus participating in the creative work of our times.

Free to audit, start anytime, and work at your own pace!  Learn more.

Thomas Berry was a visionary, illuminating our context and leading the way forward to give hope to our generation and those to come. This is a call to action from the future. The vision of a flourishing Earth community, where humans enhance and nurture, brings me great hope and purpose. What a gift.

— Michelle S.
The Worldview of Thomas Berry student

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Facilitated by Dr. Stephan Martin and hosted on DTNetwork.org.

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Our Home in Universe w/ Brian Swimme
Reinventing the Home believes home is our primary attachment, setting the stage for lifelong patterns of intimacy & self-renewal.  Brian discusses finding our home in the body of the universe.  Listen here.
During this pandemic, Emergence Magazine is publishing new content that explores the deeper themes and questions emerging at this time.  These stories reveal new opportunities to deeply connect with each other and the living world—in the midst of this crisis and beyond.  Explore more.
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