Upcoming Course:



Dancing Through the Darkness to an Ecozoic Age.

Autumn blessings of abundant gratitude & seeds for tomorrow, everyone! 

I wanted to tell you about my lifework these days and how I came to be offering this course on the global Deeptime Network.



It started with Canada Day and Holy Communion.
These two rituals SHAPED the adult me.
Later, marriage, funerals, and ordination would define my identity, place, and purpose.


What rituals shaped the person you’ve become? 



However, as the factors contributing to the burgeoning environmental crisis became clearer,
I realized my rituals were based on false beliefs...
* The human is separate from nature!
*Nature is separate from the Holy!
I recognized the national and religious rituals that shaped me also contributed to
today’s climate changed world .


Rituals, I came to see, are powerful.


Now, to change course, which is not to say we can avoid or reverse the sixth mass extinction, 
but to make our way through it to a new kind of humanity and a very new age,
an eco-centric age, this is what we need. We need religious rites,
national holidays, family and personal spiritual practices that teach truths of our times:
we live interdependently in a planet,
in an emergent universe, and
everything is sacred, equally sacred! 


We need EVOLUTIONARY rituals. 

For two decades I’ve been creating such rituals, learning from Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme,

Miriam MacGillis, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jennifer Morgan, my Gaia Centre and Ruah community.

Now, it’s time to share and

learn more with the global community. 



What are evolutionary rituals? 

Grounded in ecology and cosmology,
honouring of  indigenous and all global religions,
they teach a common story shared by all.
A response to our context, the environmental crisis,
they offer relevant images, symbols, and language. 
Evolutionary Rituals emerge from and contribute to the current evolution of consciousness.
A reflection of our cosmic matrix,
in which each and all are a centration
of Universe and radiant creativity, they return rituals, rites,
and practices to everyone and everyday life. 


Who are Evolutionary Rituals for?


grieving the sixth mass extinction, 
longing to make a difference, 
and committed to a future beyond climate abuse.



How powerful are rituals?  

Some of the most important work you and I can do to affect a culture of human – earth mutuality starts with the ways we celebrate life! Rituals, wrote Matthew Fox in his pivotal book, the Reinvention of Work, is activism. Reinvention of rituals is faithful, part of every tradition, time, and the conscious evolution of our species. 

It’s Autumn, time to harvest the hard-won wisdom of our times, of science, and to respond with rituals Earth calls us to do. Time to be thankful for the Deep Time Network, the international community it is gathering and equipping to be part of the Change. I am and we can all be grateful for the opportunity to step into our rights and response-abilities — the creation, embodiment, and passing on of practices and rites to be cocreators of what Thomas and Brian named an ecozoic age.  In this way can we plant seeds for tomorrow’s Earth family. 

Please hold this program in prayer and intention that it might be part of the Change.

Sincerely, Carol