Gaia, as ordinarily presented, is grossly incomplete. It’s impossible to think of the living earth separate from the solar system. Living bodies have a quality of wholeness, and the earth by itself is not whole; the solar system is whole.

Planet earth’s biosphere is predominantly plant based, and therefore photosynthetic. The living earth needs the sun to drive photosynthesis. Instead of thinking of the earth as an organism, the earth (with its circulating atmosphere and hydrologic cycle) is an organ system in the body of the solar system. Earth is the “heart planet” of the living solar system.  Each planet is a unique organ system in the body of the living solar system, forming a system of chakras, where each planet’s magnetosphere contains a morphogenetic field of information which exists hologramically throughout the solar system, and provides the modular form and functionality for corresponding organ systems making up human (animal) bodies that exist on the heart planet. Once you “see it,” it’s obvious, a product of gnosis. As the Sufi’s say: The solar system is a great man, and man is a small solar system.