Perhaps you saw the movie “Journey of the Universe,” teach Big History, use the Montessori Cosmic Education Curriculum; or you’re using the lens of evolution to address urgent crises such as energy or agriculture; or you’re re-contextualizing human identity and purpose inside of an evolving universe; or you’re a musician, artist, or dancer focused on cosmology . . . whatever your path, an evolving universe is your context! Groups and individuals around the world are finding ways to integrate into culture the science-based narrative of cosmic evolution in different ways. Through the Deep Time Journey Network you can connect with others, share resources, post events, and create and join groups. It’s a self organizing Network of people who see the Story of the Universe as foundational. Find out who’s doing what where, what’s working, and what’s not. We can teach each other. Share with us the resources you’ve created and know about. And, we’d love to hear what you’re up to!


Empowering Evolution Through Deep Time Awareness and Global Connections


Our Mission:
The Deep Time Journey Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded to foster community and cross fertilization among individuals and groups exploring a science-based evolutionary perspective, and its implications, by developing a website to share:
1. profiles of all individuals and organizations telling a science-based grand narrative,
2. resources such as videos, articles, quotes, syllabi, and other media,
3. information about upcoming events and the formation of groups,
4. on-going discussions, and
5. webinars


Our Core Values:
We deeply value:
1. the science-based grand narrative of cosmic evolution as a stunning shared origin story.
2. promoting discussion about the implications of this origin story for all fields of human endeavor, most importantly the human-earth-cosmos relationship.
3. the wisdom of ancient origin stories and how many of their insights overlap with the insights of modern science.
4. different perspectives from the sciences and the humanities and how they can enrich our understanding of this origin story and its implications.