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Common Questions & Answers

Getting Started

What is Deep Time?
“Deep Time” as a concept was first developed in the 18th century by geologist James Hutton when discoveries indicated that earth is far older than anyone had thought . . . not thousands of years old, but billions of years old. Since then, the concept of Deep Time has been expanded to include all of cosmic history from the big bang 13.8 billion years ago to today. The Deep Time Network is dedicated to orienting humankind to the great story of evolution as our primary context, and learning from it so we can make the best choices possible.  To learn more about a “deep time perspective” go to the page by that name under “About” on the menu bar or click here.
How does the website work?
Anyone who visits the site can see most of the content, blog posts, resources, events, and a list of conversations.  To see all of the public content, simple sign up for free.  To participate on the site — by adding resources and events, messaging others, starting and joining conversations on the Forum or in the Activity Stream, etc. — sign up for a paid Basic Membership.   To access courses in the course catalog for free, promote your work through our social media, participate in video discussions  and more, become a paid Premium Member.   To learn more about member benefits and how to become a member, free or paid, go to “Memberships” on the menu bar.
What are the new changes made to the DTJN website?
It’s took almost a year to upgrade the site so that content is now far easier to access  than it was before.  With the upgraded site, we now have the capability to offer many more programs.  If you have any suggestions for programs you’d like to see, be sure to get in touch.  We’d love to hear from you at [email protected].  We’ve added two different paid membership types (Basic  and Premium) that give members access to new benefits and features on the website.   To see the different membership options, go to “Memberships” on the menu bar.   Your member dollars help maintain and improve the site, and provide crucial support for offering programs.


How do I become a Member?
Register for free to gain access to our course catalog. We have three different membership types (Free, Basic, Premium) all offering access to different benefits and features.
For more detailed information please visit the “Memberships” page on the menu bar.
How do I become a contributing member?
Contributing (participating) members are paid Basic and Premium members who can participate on the site.  They can add resources and events, post activities, write to other members, and create and join groups.  So that people can know more about you and your work, complete appropriate fields in your extended profile.  You can access the extended profile fields by selecting “Profile” in your dashboard which appears in the top left of the header after logging in.  Then select “Edit my Profile” and “Extended Profile.” Answer questions that apply for you. Your answers will show up on your profile.
What kind of content can I contribute?
Once you’re a paid Basic or Premium member you can add resources and posts with a deep time perspective.  They can be PDFs and/or links to resources (such as books, videos, articles, websites, etc.) that you created, or were created by others and that you recommend.   In a sense, we’re creating a global portal for deep time resources  where we all have a place to find and share them!   It’s kind of a global filing cabinet that we can all share.  
Can I start my own groups?
Once you’re a paid Basic or Premium member you can start your own groups.  After logging in, select “Groups” from your dashboard on the top left in the header. Then select “Create a Group.” Answer the questions. Once you select “Create a Group” you will be given three privacy options: public group, private group, or hidden group.
Public groups are listed in the groups directory, and can be joined by any site member, and group content and activity will be visible to any site member.
Private groups are: 1) only accessible to users who request membership and are accepted into the group; and 2) listed in the groups directory and in search results. Private Group content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.
Hidden groups are not listed in the groups directory or search results; and content and activity will only be visible to members of the group.  Hidden groups are accessible by only the users who are invited to join the group.


Can I control the email notifications I receive?
Yes! Under your Profile, go to “Settings,” then “Notifications,” and select the kinds of notifications you’d like to receive.

How To’s

How do I create a Blog Post?
After becoming a Basic or Premium Member you’ll be able to write your own blog posts with a Deep Time Perspective.   Your blog posts will be searchable on the Blogs/Resources page on the main menu.
What are blog posts?  In blog posts writers express their own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., often in a informal style. On the Deep Time Network, you’re encouraged to write blogs posts about your opinions and experiences with a Deep Time Perspective in all walks of life, from teaching to the arts to business to activism, and more.
How do I create a blog post?   To write a blog post, log in and click on “Blogs/Resources” in your dashboard on the top left of the header.   Then select “Add a Blog/Resource.”   Blogs and resources are added in same place.   Detailed instructions for how to create your blog post are on your Add a Blog/Resource page.   You can always edit your blogs posts, even after posting.  To edit a blog that’s already posted, click on “Blogs/Resources” on your personal dashboard in the top left corner of the header.





















































































How do I post a Resource?

After becoming a Basic or Premium Member you’ll be post resources with a Deep Time Perspective that will be searchable on the Blogs/Resources page on the main menu.

What kind of “resources” can I post on the DTNetwork? You may post resources—such as books, videos, articles, art, music, power points, and more—that you think would be useful to members and visitors to the Deep Time Network. They can be resources that you created and/or resources that others created and you recommend. Most often you will post resources as links to other sites where people can read or purchase the resources. Website addresses are not copyrighted, so posting a link does not require getting permission beforehand. If you’d like to upload a PDF that someone else created, you will need to get permission from them first. To learn more about Guidelines for Posting Content, click here.






How do I publish an Event?
Basic and Premium Members can publish events in the Deep Time Network calendar.  To publish an event, go to your personal dashboard (top left in the header) and click on Events > My Events > Add Event.

To see a list of all current member events, visit the Events Page by clicking on “Events” under “Community” on the menu bar.

How can I promote my programs, services and products?
There are many ways you can promote your work that has a Deep Time Perspective.  To read more about a Deep Time Perspective click here.  As a Basic member, you can post your events on the Network calendar and add blogs and resources.  Start a following on the Network and share your resources and posts onto as many sites as you like.  As a Premium member we’ll push your resources and posts out onto our social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   There are many more ways coming.  We’re just getting started.


I'm a teacher, how can I bring a Deeptime Perspective into my classroom?

Professional development for teachers is a core focus of the Deep Time Network.  We offer eleven courses in how to teach Deep Time Education.  For more information about Deep Time Education, click here.  Many of our courses are in Montessori Cosmic Education which the first pedagogy to develop a deep time perspective as a foundation for education.  There’s a DTN Facebook page specifically for teachers and support groups are coming.  


I'm a Montessori teacher, are these courses recognized by AMS?

Yes they are!  After watching the lectures you can take a test.  Once you’ve completed the course and passed the test you will be able to view and print a certificate.


I'm a minister, are there ministers and other spiritual leaders on the site?

Yes, there sure are!  We will offer programs for religious and spiritual leaders soon.  Be sure to look for important resources on the Blogs/Resources page.  Once you’re a Basic member, you’ll be able to start topics and  groups and invite others to join in a conversation.  We will promote your group through out regular briefings.  Support groups for spiritual leaders are coming.  If there’s something in particular that you’re looking for, please write to [email protected].


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For any other questions, please write us at [email protected]

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