Remarkable Quote about the Children’s Book BORN WITH A BANG

Quote from Ezra Hutchins, a Junior at Community Montessori, New Albany, Indiana


Hi everyone,

Today I received this remarkable message from Kyle Herman a secondary teacher and trainer at Community Montessori School, New Albany, Indiana.



Kyle Herman wrote on May 8, 2024: 

We’re gearing up here for our annual big history exhibition, which involves, in part, an opening ceremony consisting of speeches from adolescents representing each major academic discipline in this story.
Our representative of math, Ezra Hutchins, opened his speech with this, and I thought you might like to hear it so as to be reminded – if you need reminding – that your work continues to make a LASTING impact on young people all over the world.  🙂

Ezra Hutchins*:

I remember when I was in my first year down in the Biomes, there was always one book that stood out to and imprinted on me like no other. I read a lot of similar picture and chapter books in my time in Tundra, but the first Born with a Bang book by Jennifer Morgan really left a mark on me, and I would even go so far as to say it and the other books in the series impacted the way I looked at life in general. From a very young age I understood the true scope of the universe, and for some reason that didn’t scare me. For a while I was able to tie it into some manner of faith, but even when eventually I abandoned my faith, I kept a sense of wonder for the universe, and I really do think it was thanks to those books. The idea that we as humans are an extension of the universe, wholly connected to it down to the atoms that make up our molecules, really affected me back in the day and still affects me today.
*Ezra is a junior at Community Montessori, and was an elementary student there when he read Born with a Bang.