This report came from Sr. Mary Teresita G. Figueroa, RGS,

a certified Deeptime Leader in the Philippines.


Dear Jennifer and Steve,

Greetings! I hope you are both doing well.

I have been quiet lately because I have been much occupied. We now have 6 Vietnamese prenovices who are now studying English here. It was my suggestion to bring them here so I am also taking responsibility for them, mentoring the directress who came along.

The other day, I just finished a two day session with our 17 lay mission partners and 5 Good Shepherd sisters. It was much appreciated. Below are some pictures of the group and of our altar which includes the mandalas they colored. The contemplation with creation for 30 minutes led them to being able to do art. I can see these two activities as very good ways of tapping the right brain. They are actually two different ways of praying! They very much liked both activities. I also brought up the topic of self care/ self compassion/ care for the soul.

The next session I expect to give will be via zoom for our temporary professed sisters in Vietnam and Myanmar in June. I expect another two Vietnamese temporary professed sisters to come to the Philippines in July.

I was not allowed by our leadership team to go to Myanmar to give a session to their sector leadership team because of the present situation there. I offered to give via zoom but they prefer that I give a session face to face so we have to wait till the situation becomes better.

I continue to learn …



Below are more pictures from the previous Creation Spirituality retreats I gave to our mission partners and temporary professed sisters.