We are deeply grateful to the Kalliopeia Foundation for a grant in the amount of $15,000.

A million thanks to all our donors who make this website possible!

$20 – Moon Level

Michael Duffy
Lowell Gustaffson
Amy Steffen
Glenn Murphy

Margaret Galiardi

Marion Honors

Joy Silver

Mary Pendergast

GPS Museum

Carol Kilby

Jeanne Derer

Robert Sauerbrey

Duane Elgin

Peter Rochin

$50 – Earth Level

Cynthia Brown
Geoffrey Ainscow

Rich Blundell


Gary Davidson

Davidson Loehr

Rod Sugden

$100 – Sun Level

James MacAllister

Priscilla Spears

Shelley Richardson

$250 – Solar System Level

          Karen Chaffee

$500 – Alpha Centauri Level

$1000 – Milky Way Galaxy Level

           Orla Hazra

$2500 – Local Galaxy Group Level

$5000 – Virgo Super Cluster Level

$10,000 –  Expanding Universe Level