The First Environmental Evolution Newsletter of 2021

Adriana Giannini, an Italian biographer, has written a biography of Lynn Margulis that will be in bookstores in Italy this Spring. Born Curious: 20 Girls Who Grew Up to Be Awesome Scientists by Martha Freeman and illustrated by Katy Wu features Lynn Margulis, who is well on her way to being one of the greatest system thinkers, theoreticians, geoscientists, biologists, botanists, NASA Primary Investigators, and teachers of the 20th-century. A special issue of BioSystems is devoted to Symbiogenesis and Progressive Evolution. Editors Abir Igamberdiev, Richard Gordon, George Mikhailovsky feature Lynn Margulis and her illustrious predessesor Boris Kozo-Polyansky. Max Long, a PhD researcher at Cambridge University, is writing his dissertation on the popularisation of science in film and radio, mostly in interwar Britain. He had recently been doing some work on J. V. Durden, one of the principal cinematographers for the Developmental Biology Film Series. Long was thrilled to find that these have been digitised by Lynn Margulis who felt passionately that these films were a national treasure that needed to be preserved. These are just a few of the w-earthy articles in this issue.