About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world in which an evolving interconnected universe, with its unique community of life on our home planet Earth, is a context for understanding, belonging, inspiration, decision-making and creating the future.

Our Mission

DTN’s mission is to orient humanity to an evolving interconnected universe as expressed in our vision.  We bring together science, ancient wisdom and the arts inside community to share learning, global conversation, celebration, and action.  The significance and profound power of a deeptime perspective — when shared in community — inspires, guides and motivates us to create a flourishing future.

We Value

  • Evidence-based discoveries 
  • Wisdom of ancient origin stories
  • The Cosmos as teacher and guide
  • Humanities and the arts for telling the cosmic story
  • Community for learning & sharing world views

Our Goals

  • To understand and love the universe and our Earth.
  • To orient ourselves to the largest context for a systems understanding and guidance.
  • To connect our personal lives with an evolving universe.
  • To understand where we come from and what we’re part of.
  • To appreciate the beauty and complexity of the universe and all life.
  • To foster evolution through learning and global connections.
  • To foster a mutually enhancing relationship with our Earth.
  • To heal the rupture between humanity and nature.

How We Got Started

Over the last century, a new cosmology has emerged in science, one in which the universe is not static. It actually had a beginning and has been transforming ever since. The human, in this model, emerged out of, and is part of, the universe, not radically separated from the rest of the universe.  The implications of this new cosmology for human identity, the Human-Earth-Cosmos relationship, and how we create a flourishing future are huge. Inspired by the work of Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Maria Montessori, Lynn Margulis, and numerous others, DTN founder Jennifer Morgan wrote a Universe Story Trilogy for children — Born With a Bang, From Lava to Life, and Mammals Who Morph. She saw the need for a place where people could connect, learn, share resources, and collaborate.  DTN is a project of The Deep Time Journey Network, a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Princeton New Jersey, founded to build a global community, offer courses, and share resources. It’s a vision of community in which everyone is source and where connecting and collaborating mirrors the way the universe itself evolves through new partnerships.

Our Community

We’re teachers, academics, artists, preachers, composers, people from all walks of life, on all continents, who yearn to understand the universe as a primary context and to connect and collaborate with people of like minds. Perhaps you saw the movie “Journey of the Universe,” teach Big History or Montessori Cosmic Education; or you’re captivated with Gaia systems Theory, or you’re using the lens of the cosmic story to address urgent crises such as energy or agriculture; or you’re recontextualizing human identity and purpose inside of an evolving universe; or you’re a musician, artist, or dancer focused on cosmology . . . whatever your path, an evolving universe is your context!

Our Team

Governing Board Members (*), Advisory Board Members, and Staff (**)

Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan*

President, DTN, Author of Universe Story Trilogy, Princeton, NJ

Brian Tucker*

Systems Analyst, JEVS Human Services, Philadelphia, PA

Gail Arnold, PhD*

Molecular Biologist & Secretary of DTN,  Highland Park, NJ, US

Mary Conrow Coelho, PhD

Author, Awakening Universe  Cambridge, MA, US 

Michael & D’Neil Duffy

Montessori Educators & Authors, Children of the Universe, Atlanta, GA, US

Gwen Shangle*

Director of Montessori Education, Gladwyne Montessori School, Gladwyne, PA; Treasurer, DTN

Lowell Gustafson, PhD

President, International Big History Association; Political Science Professor, Villanova University, PA, US

John Grim, PhD

Lecturer, Yale University; Producer,   Journey of the Universe, New Haven, CT, US 

Maureen Wild, SC, MEd

Living Cosmology Educator/Retreat Guide, Gabriola Island, BC, Canada

Mary Evelyn Tucker,PhD

Thomas Berry Scholar; Writer and Producer, Journey of the Universe, New Haven, CT, US

Orla Hazra, PhD*

Religious Education Writer and Lecturer,  Xavier University, Mumbai, India


Mohit Sharma

PHP Developer, DTN, Punjab, India


Ann Killeen

General Manager, Montessori Services, Santa Rosa, CA, US

Our Community




Countries Represented

Where You And The Universe Come Together!


In the DTJN community we’re constantly learning about new scientific discoveries and sharing them.  So much easier to learn inside a community of like minded people.


We orient to the whole in deep time and seek to understand our role and embeddedness within a stunning process of transformation.  It’s a vision and foundation for life.


We apply an understanding of the whole and patterns of emergence, interconnection, and interiority to our decision making!


Evolution happens in relationships.  We’re thousands of people around the globe orienting to the great adventure of the Cosmos. 

Empower Your Journey! Evolve The Universe.


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