A TEDx presentation. The objective of this presentation is to introduce the audience to a new and counterintuitive approach to educating for sustainability that focuses on living within the rhythms of the world as it is, not as we imagine it to be. Though sustainability education is rapidly becoming mainstream, it is undercut by a fallacy — that sustainability is a normal challenge that can be addressed using familiar tools and strategies (e.g. recycling more, buying hybrid cars, etc.). It is in fact a classic game changer, which means the vast majority of concerned institutions and individuals (myself included) are not “modeling sustainability”, we are actually modeling “less unsustainability”, which will never get us to sustainability. This talk demonstrates that educating for sustainability is not about producing people who can fine tune an industrial civilization out of sync with the supposedly harmonious rhythms of the planet. Rather, it is about helping all of us wake up from the powerfully entrancing rhythms of industrial life so that we can begin creating surprising and wonderful new ways of being on a planet whose rhythms include periodic, cataclysmic disturbances.