Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry were visionaries whose life and work were inspired by integral thinking and unitive consciousness. Hence, the further development of their contributions along the lines of an “ultra-physics” (Teilhard) or “new story” (Berry) is to evolve in like manner and spirit, at once consonant with science, world religions, and all fields of knowledge, bar none.

Such a mythical model is to be a harmonic orchestration, a progressive integral cosmology that (a) bridges the age-old gap between science and religion, (b) strikes a balance that reconciles difference, diversity and individualism with a universal container in which our smaller stories fit and make sense, (c) reveals how all things interconnect as one, naming the singularity and its unifying energy in the Omega Point, (d) anticipates, forecasts, and names the next stage (phylum) of psycho-spiritual evolution, (e) provides a numinous icon/symbol that is at once novel, inclusive, archetypal, and conducive to a universal synthesis, (f) identifies Spirit along organic lines, identifying it as incarnational in nature, explaining it in psychophysical terms.

The following underscores the need for such a progressive integral cosmology model whose time has come. It is an excerpt from a chapter sub-heading entitled “A Post-Modern Cosmotheology,” from the author’s book, “The Ambient Christ, The Inside Story of God in Science, Scripture and Spirituality,” which utilizes the Judeo-Christian Scripture as a platform and portal to the cosmic unified field.

Below find a link to a video with Doug King, CEO of Presence International, who summarizes his interviews with this blog’s author on the integration of science and spirituality (Integral Theology) in a post-modern world. The interview follows a four part series with the author on the subject, and is also available via the same link below. Presence is an Atlanta-based, non-profit organization contributing to the developmental evolution of individual and collective spiritual consciousness worldwide.

Science & Spirituality – Alpha & Omega


Hello everyone,

This is the final episode of our series. Thanks to Joe Masterleo for his new book Ambient Christ and the insights he shared with us in the first 4 episodes.

I will make a few last observations and draw some conclusions regarding the convergence of science and spirituality versus science and religion. I’ll also note what all levels have in common even though this trajectory of understanding is a work in progress.

Every day is another opportunity to grow and evolve in our journey. I’m glad you took the time to join us in this discussion!



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  • Why I love this Resource: It offers a grand synthesis that integrates scientific and religious cosmologies by identifying the common universal element (singularity) that is the foundation and structure of all created things
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